All tickets for Newcastle Fringe Festival are Pay What You Feel.

Pay What You Feel ticketing ensures that everyone has access to great art no matter what their socio-economic background might be. All we ask is that you be honest with yourself and your financial situation when choosing the amount to pay. Giving a smaller donation when you can afford to give more means we may not be able to cover all the costs of this event.

All shows at Newcastle Fringe Festival will have in-person and online audiences

We can safely accommodate up to 40 in-person audience members per performance. Audiences have the option of booking in-person tickets or online tickets to experience the great shows on offer at this year's festival. For both options, you book your tickets for no charge up front and then on the night you will be able to make your Pay What You Feel donation. 

Online performances / workshops: Audience members will receive an email on the date of the performance with a link to the livestream, and that this can be anytime up to an hour before the performance.

All shows at Newcastle Fringe Festival will take place at Alphabetti Theatre

Alphabetti Theatre can be found at St. James' Boulevard, Newcastle, NE1 4HP. All online streams will take place via Crowdcast and you will be sent a link one you have booked your tickets.

For any venue access requirements and concerns please visit Alphabetti's website. All performances will be taking place downstairs in the main theatre or bar area.

Venus fly trap plant with leaves growing upwards with multi-coloured mushrooms at the base. Illustrated by Jonjo O'Connor
A smiling person in a black jumper looks directly at the camera. Surrounding their head are four representations of their own face pulling different expressions in green, pink, blue and orange. In the forgroud is the front of a taxi with '39 Horses' written on the numberplate.

Izaak Gledhill in partnership with Alphabetti Theatre presents

39 Horses


Tuesday 27th July - Saturday 7th August 2021 | Various times

(Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays only)

Age recommendation: 14+

Running time: Approx. 15 mins

An immersive, lip syncing comedic journey in a real life taxi. “So...you been busy tonight?”Your taxi has been booked! Take a seat, buckle up and get ready for this immersive solo performance, as we invite four people at a time into Izaak Gledhill’s taxi (no drinks allowed).Experience what North East taxi drivers and their customers have to say about the stories shared, the laughs had, the wisdom departed and the sick cleaned up whilst travelling from A to B. When two strangers find themselves alone with one another, what will they discuss? Work? Politics? Music? The weather? Your taxi has arrived...

A performer with grey hair sits at a table and throws a purple and blue spherical object up in the air. On the table are other spherical objects as well as a mug. There is a blue background with a radar on it.

Third Angel presents

600 People

Friday 6th August 2021 | 7.30pm

Age recommendation: 12+

Running time: Approx. 60 mins


Somewhere between stand-up and an astrophysics lecture, Third Angel brings you a simple show about huge ideas: the story of how a three-hour conversation with an astrophysicist changed the way Alex understands the way the Universe works. 600 People explores how we think about evolution and intelligence, belief and invention, communication and space travel. A show that that explores the stories we tell in order to understand our place in the cosmos. A show that asks if there are extra terrestrials in our galaxy. A show that asks what it means to be human.

“this show is full of wonder” 

The Stage

A performer sits relaxed in orange and purple mood lighting. They where a denim jacket and a pattered shirt. they look directly at the camera.

Alphabetti Theatre and The Folding Desert present

The Folding Desert - Live on the D'Addario Stage

Friday 6th August 2021 | 9.30pm

Age recommendation: 16+

Running time: Approx. 45 mins


The Folding Desert is the space between Adam Sams' ears. In exile there most of the time, he's attempting to score out a warm, colourful and surreal universe for those who've insinuated that he's "on another planet" and anyone else who may happen to enjoy the music. Following the release of TRIAD, The Folding Desert's debut DIY release earlier in the year, this will be the premiere live performance of a band constructed somewhat through spiritual gravity. Adam will be joined by local heroes Robert Griffiths, Haythem Mohammed and Diji Solanke. Expect elements of R&B, Jazz, electronic and eastern music with plenty of improvisation.

4 masked performers hold their hands in the air and surround a fifth performer with white facepaint on. The four outside performers look mischievious and ghoulish, whereas the performer in the middle looks scared and shocked. Orange and purple lighting surrounds them along with a jagged, angular abstract set.

Ugly Bucket presents

Good Grief

Saturday 7th August 2021 | 7.30pm

Age recommendation: 14+

Running time: Approx. 60 mins


A dying man’s wish; for Ugly Bucket to create a show about death.  Will it be subtle? Will it be sophisticated? Probably not, but it’s his funeral. Literally. The multi award winning company Ugly Bucket process the death of a friend in the only way they know how; through a high energy maelstrom of clowning, movement, verbatim, and thumping techno tracks. 


Following the death of a friend, Ugly Bucket turned to their unique style of clowning, music and physical comedy to create a show that explores grief in a way you would never expect (nor forget). Working with Care Merseyside and The Good Grief Trust, they gathered verbatim experiences and built around them a bizarre, bass-filled, electric experience. Good Grief uses comedy to spark honest conversations, create unity, and share memories.

"It’s fast, it’s funny and it plumbs the emotional depths exquisitely" 

The Stage

an evening of mystery 2.jpeg

Alphabetti Theatre and Michael Grist present

An Evening of Magic with Micheal Grist -
Live on the D'Addario Stage

Saturday 7th August 2021 | 9.30pm

Age recommendation: 14+

Running time: Approx. 45 mins


Come and join Michael Grist for an incredible night of mind blowing magic and mystery. With the atmosphere akin to a gathering of friends at the centre of miracles, it promises to be an unforgettable night of unique entertainment not to be missed!